Ghana Tourism Authority Launches Jollof Rice Festival

Jollof Rice.

The Ghana Tourism Authority has launched the ‘Jollof Rice Festival,’ a part of its activities to make people patronise made-in-Ghana products.

The Jollof Rice Festival scheduled for 26th August, 2017 is being organised to promote Ghanaian cuisine, and is in connection with the “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana campaign initiated by the Ghana Tourism Authority.

Speaking recently, the GTA Chief Executive Officer, Akwasi Agyeman outlined the activities lined up for the event.

“Basically we want to settle the age old controversy of who has the best ‘Jollof’ rice in West Africa. We believe it is Ghana and we are going to hold one of the biggest food festivals,” he said.

The festival will be held at the Legon Botanical Gardens and it is going to bring together chefs from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, the Gambia and several local caterers to see who has the best ‘Jollof.’

Agyeman also intimated that the festival will serve as a platform to as well showcase the other staple foods Ghana has.

“Even though this is a ‘Jollof’ competition, it will also help us showcase all the other food we have. Under the big umbrella it is a food festival but we want ‘Jollof’ to feature prominently.

He added that the authority will encourage corporate institutions, the media, among others to be part of the food competition.

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