Preparation For Ika Xmas Carnival Intensifies

Ika 2017

The organizers of the annual Ika Xmas Carnival in Agbor, Delta State, have said they are set to move the fiesta to the next level by expanding the content and opening it up to tourists and visitors to  the Ika area of the Delta State, so that visitors would have a taste of the rich tourist endowments.

According to Steve Aderemi the marketing consultant to the event, having organized the carnival for the past two editions, the carnival will improve in terms of content and participation.

Ika Xmas Carnival is a 19-day funfair that is in its third edition. It is aimed at not only providing people from that area with the opportunity to have fun during the yuletide period, but to also promote the culture of the area through the carnival. He said the cultural endowments of the area are normally on display during the carnival.

During the 19-day fiesta also, young and talented natives of Ika have a platform to display their talents and give their careers lift. They will also win fantastic prizes. He said:  “The carnival kicks off on December 15, and ends on the 2nd January the next year.

Also to the carnival and talent and musical shows, there will also be cultural cultural exhibition, beauty pageant, cultural dance, business empowerment, comedy night and many more.

“We really want to use the carnival to not only engage the youths, but also make sure we promote the tradition and culture of our people. It is an opportunity for us to celebrate our unity and oneness. We have heard so many positives from the last two editions of the festivals. People of the area use the opportunity to interact and know one another.

In addition, we also discovered that the Ika Xmas Carnival, during the 19 days celebration, brings down the crime rate in the area. This is because the youths are so much engage and having fun that they have no time for criminalities. This is what we want to encourage.

“The people have so much endowments to share with the rest of the world.  We want everybody to come and witness and this and enjoy the best of the culture of Ika people.”

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