Still On The Macron Visit To New Afrika Shrine


President Macron of France, welcome to Nigeria, a nation where honesty and sincerity are scarce commodities. Most especially, welcome to New Afrika Shrine and Lagos State.

Thanks anyway Mr. President for choosing to visit the shrine instead of broken down schools, hospitals and maybe Makoko Slum in Lagos, so that the ordinary man on the street that has been oppressed and neglected, if not abandoned, will receive help from kindhearted French people or organisations. 

Just for the records, this is the second time that Lagos State would be playing host to two major high profiled events in which lavish welcome parties were arranged. 

First, it was the 61st  United Nations World Tourism Organisation [UNWTO] and the Commission for Africa [CAF] Meeting held in Abuja of which all the ministers and heads of delegation that attended, were flown to Lagos FREE OF CHARGE on the bill of the state to see EKO ATLANTIC…which in the eyes of many is a laudable idea. 

Secondly, is the recent visit by President Macron of France to the New Afrika Shrine of which before his arrival, roads and streets leading to the location were hurriedly tarred for his visit, which to many is a mere eye service mentality of our leaders. 

Since Macron’s visit was announced, many tourism experts were postulating that his gesture would unleash visitors interest to the shrine thereafter is a wishful thinking. 

Sorry folks, it does not follow, and history and trends are abundantly available around the world for us to learn from. 

The question people are asking is that, if Macron’s visit could be interpreted as aforementioned, why has government over the years not deemed it fit to tare roads around Synagogue Church of All Nations [SCOAN], repair the roads from Cele Bus Stop to Ikotun that is nothing but a disgrace to the state? 

Why were infrastructure such as water, electricity and even security beef up around the Ikotun, Ejigbo, Idimu and Igando; where most visitors to the church on weekly basis spend time in Nigeria, not a concern? 

Police patrol vehicles that are often seen around the above mentioned locations in Lagos, were donated by Emmanuel TV of SCOAN are just one of the eye services. 

If the state is actually serious in its tourism sermon, why has Lagos State not also deemed it fit to open a TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE at Ikotun? 

After all, more people come to SCOAN than the shrine, and it’s of more economic importance to Lagos than the New Afrika Shrine.

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