Unveiling Nigeria’s Youngest Hotel General Manager

Pascal Emmanuel, General Manager, Best Western Wetland Hotel, Warri Delta State, Nigeria.

At just 29 years of age, Emmanuel Pascal is today the youngest Nigerian general manager of international brand [franchise] of any hotel in the country.

Born and schooled at Loral Primary School, Festac Town, Command Secondary School, Ojo Military Cantonment all in Lagos State, later spent over a decade studying hospitality and working in the industry in the United Kingdom.

On his arrival in the United Kingdom, Pascal studied at Colegsirgar in Wales where he received a Level 3 Certificate in Professional Cookery as well as Food and Hospitality Management.

Thereafter, he went on to the University of Bournemouth in England where he specialised as a Chef; mastering French, English and Asian Cuisines.
Having perfected his first call, Pascal switched to management, honing his leadership skills in bars and restaurants with hotels in southwest and central England.

This young and soft spoken Nigerian also gained much knowledge from his diverse experience in retail trade for large supermarket chains and mixology.

One of the high points of his career was the openingof a bar in Bath, UK with a business partner after University.

According to him, it was an enjoyable experience though it was hard work with no cushions figuratively speaking.

Before returning home, Pascal worked for boutique hotel groups like Devere in Bournemouth as a chef, Devere in Southampton and as Food and Beverage Supervisor, Cavendish in London as Conference and Banqueting Supervisor, Loch Fyne in Winchester as a Chef, Umix in Dorset as the General Manager, and Brugada later called Ace Cocktail Bar as Director/co-owner. Then he moved to Nigeria where he served Wyndham in Abuja, Barcelona and now Best Western down South.

He has had interest in flying and he promised to get back to it eventually one way, it’s the reason why he studied sciences. He also has interest in designs like auto and architectural. He loves keeping abreast of the latest technology such as the hyperloop and the expansive application of drones.

He has passion for cooking with next project to run a TV show with class, exploring culinary delights in Nigeria and bringing his experience from world cuisines to give the young ones the inspiration they need to explore their world.

Pascal also has passion for Travelling and seeing new places, culture and people. According to him, there is so much out there to see but there is also so much to see in a Nigeria.

While growing up from a humble background, Pascal soon realised that the world was bigger than where he found himself.

He therefore, started exploring and noticed that limitations abound in the society both home and away. So, he studied hard and worked hard to prove that anyone can achieve what they set their hearts to. When someone says no he doesn’t fight, but just proves them wrong.

In addition, Pascal has learnt so much which he wants to give back to young ones in Nigeria to inspire them in a field that use to be practiced by mostly the female gender. “But now both genders are doing well in the field and more can be done to improve our tourism sector to start generating revenue from all the rich cultural heritages and history of this part of the world”, he said.

Looking ahead, Pascal informed that lots of work still needs to be done. He admits that it’s an enjoyable ride and would want to occupy the front sit; that’s what is motivating him.

Today, Pascal is the general manager of Best Western Wetland Hotel, Warri Delta State, Nigeria.

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