World Earth Day: “See Each Visitor As Economic Opportunity,” US Amb Urge Nigerians

U.S. Ambassador To Nigeria, Stuart Symington Visit Drill Monkeys Ranch In Calabar

The U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington has urged Nigerians from now on to see each visitor to Nigeria as economic opportunity to explore for the good of the nation’s national conservative potentials.

Symington, whom in his words was “wowed” by the natural ecological potentials Nigeria possess yet; abandons for oil deposit stated this at the Drill Ranch in Calabar, on Monday during a media parley as part of World Earth Day, which has as its theme “environmental and climate literacy.”

The ambassador’s attendance of the world earth day in Calabar was part of recognition that Cross River’s National Park is recognized by the UN as one of the world’s 25th biodiversity hotspots representing two thirds of Nigeria’s surviving tropical rainforest from over 9.6 million hectares of forest.

He reiterated the importance of human beings co-existing with their environment and the need for school children to be made to identify the unique potentials Nigeria has as part of efforts to protect the proceeds that mother earth offers.

Also speaking, Director of Technical Programme of Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Joseph Onoja reiterated the importance of Nigerians being proud of their national heritage while they see the need to preserve it.

Onoja urged Nigerians to come together and create awareness on the rich resources the country’s environment provides for them.

On her part, co-founder and director of the Drill Ranch in Calabar, Liza Gadsby urged Nigerians to stop being envious of developed countries like America and focus on the rich deposit the earth has provided for them.

“Be proud of where you are, be proud of where you come from; don’t look to America, don’t be jealous of anyone else. Make what you have part of your identity; it’s part of your heritage, not mine,” Gadsby urged.

Speaking also, wife of former Cross River Governor, Onari Duke encouraged people to always spread the message about the importance of conserving Nigeria’s vast ecological deposits.

The Deputy Conservator of Cross River National Park, Caroline Olory said the theme for this year’s world earth day which ‘environmental and climate literacy’ goes a long way to help Nigerians to better appreciate “the powerful treasure God has given us.”


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